Edit, Share and Publish GeoData with GISCloud (Part 2/2)

The usability features related to the loading process into GISCloud is probably the crucial element of the tool. To import data into GISCloud, we can choose between shapefile, mapinfo or KML. But, what can we do after.... Of course, you can make a map, but you can have access to editing and analysis functions. To do this, you must transfer the data you already loaded into your GISCloud account in PostGIS is also available in your GISCloud servers. The map is not OpenLayers interface but rather a flash control. So for most browsers, plugin is already integrated. The tiling update in the case of WMS layers is irregular and sometimes lack of refreshing to some level, but map image quality is good. Finally, one of my best option of this tool is sharing and Web publishing. The map produced into GISCloud is automatically available in WMS. The result of the XML GetCapabilities lack of finish and would need some adds to make it really convenient to use but the service is consistent with version 1.1.1 of the OGC . I enabled the option of mailing the card and is available for viewing without restriction. I test it with Gaia and QGIS ( www. " strong> qgis . org ) http://www.giscloud.com/wms/ba47979ecaef94062c2f37d04764f1d7?SERVICE=WMS&VERSION=1.1.1&REQUEST=GetCapabilities Another interesting point, we also have access to "Embed JS code" that can quickly be added to a page (which does not work in this wordpress?) Or a popup preview : <script type='text/javascript' src='http://www.giscloud.com/api.js?v=1.0' ></script> <div id="fn_embed_map" style="border:1px solid #C5C5C5;width:450px; height:400px;"> </div> <script type="text/javascript" > <!-- new FnEmbedMAP({map:1379, container:"fn_embed_map", slider:true, onload:function() { this.viewer.setViewBound(-180, -89.1086723319328, 179.99995, 93.9165123319328); }}); --> </script> // I asked few questions to Dino Ravnica (Owner, CEO) for the business subscription aspet, data security and price of the subscription. 1)How much space that I have to upload data on the cloud? For now we don't have limitations on free beta accounts. 2)When I upload data, It is on your server? Do you kown where those data are? Yes, uploaded data is on our server. Each user has separate space that is private and available only for their account. 3)Do you protect those data? We plan to offer a way to store the data on encrypted disk partitions. This means when you log in you will have to enter additional password to decrypt your disk partition. Only then your data will become available. When you log out you partition encrypt it self back. 4)If I need more space to upload data, How it works? We are currently defining commercial services. 5)How it cost? When ready price list will be publicly available.