MapOSMatic is a web services to generate maps of cities or towns,  including index of streets, from OpenStreetMap data. From About project, MapOSMatic was launched with an idea of Gilles Lamiral, a contributor to OpenStreetMap and Free Software in the region in Rennes France. From his idea, a group of hackers crazy met Hackfest during one week in August 2009 and has transformed the idea into reality Gilles. The group of hackers crazy wishes to thank Gilles for sharing this brilliant idea! It is made of two components:
  • maposmatic, the web front-end. An application written using the Django framework allows to submit and visualize map rendering jobs. The rendering is done in the background by a daemon called maposmaticd;
  • ocitysmap, the back-end that generates the map. It is available as a Python module, used both by the maposmatic daemon (above) and by a sample command line application.
You are invited to contribute to the project on  Savannah

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